Toasted Peeps

Posted: March 10, 2013 in Live Music

On our CAMPING TRIP to the Delta this weekend i tried a dessert i had tested once before with mediocre results.  TOASTED PEEPS.  I tried ORGANIC marshmallows once, and they just melted.  Peeps, though, have guar gum or something that helps them maintain their peeepy profile under mild immolation.  They are, however ersatz, marshmallows.  We found 10-packs of orange peeps at Lira’s Market in Rio Vista.  I checked the website, but I have not found a toasted or s’mores recipe using actual toasted peeps.  I believe I am the ORIGINATOR.

Here is the recipe-

One peep, skewered on a two-tined wiener fork, side-to-side, so the base is facing down.

Hold gently above hot red coals, not open fire, so that the base is slowly warmed to softness, near melting.

Turn over and heat the upper peep profile until it is quite warm and soft.

Eat carefully-enjoy!

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