SRO-Life is Sweet (potatoes)

Posted: March 3, 2013 in Live Music

I have been involved in a mentorship program, Uplevel Your Life, for the past 49 days, 7 days x 7 weeks-  So far suddenly “shed” (one option for my Word-For-The-Year) two thankless gigs and possibly the Vampire Albatross Co.–The Universe says YES–in their place, a great, focused performance at our local Pub, our regularly scheduled appearance has slowly, sneakily returned to the original time slot–Happy Hour 5-7 PM Saturdays.  So cool, I still have posters with that time on them.

Word gets out, socialist snackers stay late, early arrivers for the night bands come to claim tables, and suddenly, SRO, electric enthusiasm, little kids playing ukeleles, a stuffed fishbowl-tipjar, and an extra pitcher of Liberty Ale appears.   Dancing to The Man Who Sold The World–let’s pull that tune out and dust it off.   How is it I have so much fun, so many dear and talented friends, and come home with more money than I started with? YAMS possum  Possummagical!

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