2022 was

Posted: April 9, 2023 in Live Music

There were sudden small openings in late summer, Var Mints, Art and Laurie, Polka Cowboys, a couple of new venues, old festivals, and a party. Wow, seems like there were no gigs, but we were busy. There is zero Possum Family in it all, tho Joanie still calls me Possum.

It also appears that I gutted my photo stream, in a wild frenzy of deletion.

The whole schedule that I recall, with some oblique photos below:

7.17 the true Var Mints, Joanie and I alone, played a stunning set at Brew ha ha, w/ wonderful sound system and a borrowed bass rig, and a view of the lovely garden.

8.1 the Farmints/Var Mints con Arturo performed at the New Farm. I didn’t get photos, except of these old goats in the audience.

8.13-14 As Art is the president of the International Musical Saw Association, we host a twoish-day festival at Roaring Camp in Felton. A jam at the Tom Scribner statue in Santa Cruz on Saturday; setup, a set, and support, and breakdown on Sunday.

8.18 Var Mints played a short set at the Bayview Boat Club, San Francisco, well received in spite of our wires being literally crossed, leading me to turn Joanie’s guitar down because my bass was too loud. Sorry, it was dark, no stage, no sound check.

8.20 Art and Laurie played the 2022 Cotati Accordion Festival. Art had sent me a copy of the blurb he wrote–I said, interesting, but who’s the girl?? The gig was great, my voice in fine form, we were super cute, enough so that a photograph from our Noon Set appeared above the banner on the front page, AND the two-page article about the festival in the Santa Rosa Sunday Press Democrat. I don’t have a copy of the paper, just blurry photos sent by text . . . yes, I already posted some of these.

8.27 Another sort-of gig was at a Memorial Day weekend campout with a full sound system, and some jamming . . . Grr, more photos missing.

9.20 Art, Joanie and I played at a woo woo picnic in Strawberry Creek Park. Not a gig, but really fun, with Miss C.R. on some fiddle tunes. A musical introduction to our new milieu, and an odd early rain.

10.15 The Polka Cowboys played the annual Sunol Wilderness Cowboy Hootenanny, now renamed, something I can’t remember. I lost a photo of the whole band with Fiddle Ray, Greg Pratt, Cynthia Wilson on drums–this is all I can find (red skirt) after I did some extreme photo pruning this winter.

Super props to my brother Lenny, pictured here with our niece Becky. Lenny taught me to tune a guitar at the age of twelve. He even gave me an acoustic guitar, which I was so excited about I tripped and fell down the stairs and broke the neck. Not my neck, lucky.

Special thanks to listener and chef Kevin, who liked, reminding me I am a musician.


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