Possum History: Chester’s 2010

Posted: June 16, 2019 in Live Music

A poster-card I designed, photo-shopped lettering over a banner I drew in 1969 or so.


After Celu left the Silver Kittens in 2009, she got a weekly? spot at the Kensington Circus Pub as “Celu and Friends”.  One night she was informed that the grownups had decided they didn’t want music, as it interfered with watching sports on the big TV. .  A bartender from Chester’s Cafe was hanging out at the bar, and he invited her to come play; they have a cabaret license and only had music once a week.

So, Chester’s, in Berkeley’s Walnut Square, became a weekly thing, Steve and I and others were the Friends.  When the Possum Family Singers formed, we found ourselves with a monthly show.

We had already made the name change by December 2009 when I put this poster together.

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