Old Photographs

Posted: March 5, 2016 in Live Music

We still play on at the Starry Plough Pub most (except the second) Saturdays, 5-7 PM Pacific.  Well worth a stop-by; no cover, good American-style pub food, many taps, wine, and other beverages.  Kids welcome, too.

2.24.12_22Minutes away from the third anniversary of Scruffy’s untimely demise (4/6/13), still feeling that deep pain of having someone you love snatched away in the night, so unceremoniously, but, hey, that’s me.  I was there  .  .  .  Maybe it’s you, too.  Perhaps our fourteen fans and followers would enjoy a few gratuitous memories of our funny founding member.IMG_5285.


Whuchu lookin’ at?

  1. Jim Carey says:

    Absolutely love Steve . He traveled East to Boston in 1984 .We painted a few old antique homes in Cambridge together . He stayed with us in Brighton for a few months .Lots of music and merriment .
    Thanks so much for the photos. Was so sorry to hear of his passing . I met Steve at our weekly poker game in Berkeley in the early 80s .He was a phenomenal athlete Biking,racquet ball,softball
    he excelled at that stuff ,but was forever humble. A great old friend miss him a lot.
    Thanks again PFS Jimmy Carey

  2. Jim Carey says:

    Love and miss Steve thanks for the great photos
    Jim Carey Boston

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