Summer’s Here! World Cup! SF Free Folk Fest

Posted: June 21, 2014 in Live Music

Summer begins!possum family Native Here Nursery


Here we are at Native Here Nursery on May 3, 2014, while my computer was misbehaving.

The Starry Plough has brought in a big screen TV for the World Cup-  Games start at 3 and run about 90 minutes, so we will likely arrive just in time to see the place clear out.  Today Nigeria plays Boznia + Herzogovina,

Sunday Laurie Possum-Family-Miller will be playing bass backing Art Peterson at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival, 1-3 PM in the Contra Dance Workshop, room 212, 5:00 with Tom Cline, Dobro, on the Lead Belly Stage, room 333, and 6-10 PM for the Sunday night Contra and Square Dance band in the North Gym,
Presidio Middle School, 450 30th Ave @ Geary, San Francisco, CA




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