three legged possum

Posted: April 27, 2013 in Live Music
July 4 2011 at the BBRR J4FEST

July 4 2011 at the BBRR J4FEST

Through dogbite, frostbite, mange and missing leg, possums carry on.  Yes, we will be at the Starry Plough, every Saturday happy hour, 4-7, or more likely 5-7 PM (except the second.  Possi don’t do seconds) .   We cry sometimes, without our fine Falsetto, we stumble without our steady rhythm guitar- it’s freakin’ sad here- but on we trundle, on and on we sing, merrily, in fond memory and devotion.

Muffy said he came to her in a dream, we were all around the campfire, singing as we do, and Ann was singing La La Means I Love You.  Steve took the second verse, and we were miffed, then we all adjusted.  It’s the Possum Way!  And then the third verse   .   .   .  was not there, and Matt said “The third verse isn’t written yet” and it wasn’t.

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