Snarling, biting Possums at the Baltic

Posted: February 5, 2012 in Live Music

Apologies and bandages to any and all fans and supporters who have ever been bitten, abused, treated shabbily, snarled at, made to endure an unpleasant odor, or invited to insert a percussion device into an inappropriately-sized or -located orifice, by any or all members of the Possum Family Singers.

It is the policy of 3/4 of the band members of the Possum Family Singers to be friendly, supportive, adorable, enjoyable, fun, helpful, kind, and positive and to provide a warm, cozy, safe  atmosphere for drinking, eating and listening to the otherwise delightful Possum Family Singers.  Unfortunately, some forget to uphold the Possum Family Singers code.

In this light, we hope you will come visit us at the Baltic Bar and Restaurant this Thursday February 9, 2012, from 7-10 PM, and gather ’round in a spirit of hope and tasty beverages.


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