Power On

Posted: September 18, 2011 in Live Music

Thursday September 23 we went to Chester’s to find the street lined with giant trucks and cherry pickers and the power out.  A new pole was being sistered in including huge wires snapping against the Eucalyptus bark overhead.  Matt was playing mandolin with his case set out, and Ann came with her toy accordion.   As the sun set and the evening waned, the Chester family opened the doors, candles appeared and less-than-cold beer was poured by the good folks in the bar.  The lights came up sometime after 7:30, and a great gig and tasty food was shared all around.  Troopers!

<“m~       <“m~        <“m~        <“m~        <“m~        <“m~        <“m~        <“m~        <“m~        <“m~

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