Posted: May 13, 2011 in Live Music

Update November 27, 2011

Possum Family Singers semi-open mic at the Baltic, second Thursday of each month–next up, December 8,  around 8 PM.  Uh Oh!  watch out for the Optimator!

We return to Chester’s Bayview Cafe Thursday, December 21, 1508 Walnut at Vine, near North Shattuck in Berkeley, 7:30 or so, two hours of fine music, covers and originals.

Every SATURDAY we play a jam-in-the-round at the World-famous Starry Plough, 5-7 PM with a gaggle of guests and pests.  That’s at 3101 Shattuck Avenue at Prince Street in Berkeley.  Gratitude.

OMG!  a picture of a card about a blog about the Possum Family Singers!

Be sure not to leave valuables in your car  .  .  .  Funny  I should mention that.

The New Possy Minstrels on (and off) the road

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